We help stressed people find serenity.

By harvesting the virtues of ancient wisdom and modern day life resiliency training, the MAIA Life Method shows you how to apply simple, sacred knowledge to rapid, modern day living. 


MAIA Life Method

Wisdom is serenity. The MAIA Life Method is the result of compiling thousands of years of ancient wisdom with today's life real-world experiences. MAIA was created by us, the Jens, to show you how simple it can be to find soul serenity during stressful times. 


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Plant a seed of serenity with the Gratitude Generator. Begin your journey toward feeling the excitement of a new day, having a renewed appreciation for life, experiencing peace of mind, and growing your serenity today.

MAIA Life Blog

Soul serenity stories, video diaries, salt of the earth interviews and simple life tips from the Jens and the MAIA community.

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