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[ Spanish 'ol-lah; English oh-lah ]

I’m Jennifer Michelle, Owner of MAIA Consulting, LLC.

"Serving is my life’s purpose."

How MAIA has evolved.


Before my wife and I settled in beautiful Northern New Mexico, I moved around the world for 13 years serving in the U.S. Air Force. I am originally from El Paso, Texas. I am gifted with being a native Spanish speaker because all four of my grandparents were first-generation immigrants from Mexico. After 9/11, I was compelled to serve in the military. In the military, I served as a Behavioral Scientist Officer and an Acquisitions Program Manager.

My superpower is finding simple solutions to complex problems.

I have been working through very difficult, intricate, multi-faceted issues way before I had any idea what the back-end of a website looked like. I’ve spent years managing large government programs. My most memorable military career highlights include developing career training and proficiency tests, launching a satellite, teaching life resiliency, working at the Pentagon, and serving as faculty at the University of Maryland.

In 2017, I separated from the military and established MAIA Consulting, LLC.

MAIA kicked off by offering Life Resiliency lessons (which we still do!). Through the process of designing, developing, launching, operating and setting up an online business - we realized how frustrating it can initially be to establish a legitimate presence online. Through trial-and-error we learned how to simplify ALL aspects of integrating technology into a small business.

Therefore, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, our hearts broke for all of the small business owners struggling to keep their companies alive. Especially those in our region of northern New Mexico. I decided the best use of my time, skills, and experience would be to assist small business owners in “getting online”.

At MAIA, our mission is to help stressed small business owners keep their sanity by providing simple solutions to digital media challenges.

My goal is to offer services that provide simple solutions that are easy to understand, affordable, and sustainable for any small business owner, no matter where you’re at in your knowledge of technology. MAIA exists to help people overcome and grow from life’s unique and weird challenges.

If working with us sounds like something you’d be interested in, don't hesitate to reach out. I look forward to connecting with you!   ❤︎   Best,  Jennifer 

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