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VIDEO DIARY: It's easy to feel trapped...


It's easy to feel trapped under the weight of the world!

This blog post is a video diary of how I (JC) have walked my journey to serenity thus far. I share the struggle and how I transmute and transform feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, and depression into calm, joyful bliss, and serenity. 

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STORY: How MAIA was born

JC here, founder and co-creator of the MAIA Life Method. This is the story of how MAIA was born. My spiritual journey began when I "had it all". Despite outward appearances, I was struggling with body image issues, depression/anxiety, and then a divorce. The culmination of these events resulted in re-visiting my values and purpose in life. 

Serendipitously around that time, I was selected to become a Master Resiliency Trainer during my service in the Air Force. My life was forever changed. Life Resiliency training showed me simple techniques, skills and strategies to subtly shift my outlook on life. I was so enthralled with life resiliency training that I found myself developing material for days on end.

Over the following years, I taught life resiliency to hundreds. I helped people of all ages, backgrounds, and fields learn how to transmute and alchemize challenges and adversity into opportunities for growth. The result was development of inner peace.

Helping fellow humans...

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