STORY: How MAIA was born

JC here, founder and co-creator of the MAIA Life Method. This is the story of how MAIA was born. My spiritual journey began when I "had it all". Despite outward appearances, I was struggling with body image issues, depression/anxiety, and then a divorce. The culmination of these events resulted in re-visiting my values and purpose in life. 

Serendipitously around that time, I was selected to become a Master Resiliency Trainer during my service in the Air Force. My life was forever changed. Life Resiliency training showed me simple techniques, skills and strategies to subtly shift my outlook on life. I was so enthralled with life resiliency training that I found myself developing material for days on end.

Over the following years, I taught life resiliency to hundreds. I helped people of all ages, backgrounds, and fields learn how to transmute and alchemize challenges and adversity into opportunities for growth. The result was development of inner peace.

Helping fellow humans better their life experience makes me feel whole. My passion for life resiliency planted a seed. I seriously began to contemplate how I could best be of service in this world. I began to look for guidance.

Over time, I realized the passion and enthusiasm I feel for life resiliency is divine. It doesn’t feel like work, it feels like fun creation! Creating lessons are what lights me up with joy. That was the sign I was a spiritual teacher.

My “Ah-ha moment” was shortly after my wife, Jennifer Sanchez, and I began to collaborate. You see, Jen is a gentle soul who is an incredibly wise, empathic healer. Her heritage comes from a long line of native New Mexicans. Combined, she can trace her family lines back over 400 years. Her magical healing abilities blossomed when we decided to collaborate and co-create.

That was the “Ah-ha” moment. The MAIA Life Method was born.

Together, we have mastered methods for incorporating ancient wisdom with modern day living. It looks like simple techniques, skills and strategies to subtly shift your outlook on life and find serenity.

The potential of the material was evident in the success of our beta trial offering in 2018. Every lesson had massive depth and power. We found when lessons were discussed amongst small groups, not only did the group experience growth in life resiliency but we ALL experienced growth in soul serenity.

The MAIA Life Method is magical. MAIA shows you how to cultivate gratitude and feel a renewed appreciation for life. MAIA gives you the peace of mind knowing that everything is exactly as it’s meant to be. MAIA helps you see that all challenges are growth opportunities. MAIA shows you that everything manifests when it’s are supposed to, how it’s supposed to, the way it is meant to. The MAIA Life Method teaches you how you create bountiful emotions of bliss and soul serenity.

The MAIA Life Method shows you how to love your life.

As a child, I remember looking up at the stars and wondering what the meaning of life was. I remember thinking I wanted to change the world when I "grew up". I wanted to help people all over the world. Over the years, that young girl grew into a woman. She was whisked around the mysterious maze in the labyrinth of life. Now, I see why I needed to walk my divine path in order to create the MAIA Life Method with Jen.

Thank you for reading this long @ss story! We look forward to sharing MAIA with you! Most importantly, we are honored to help you learn how to find your inner sanctuary. A life full of love, purpose, meaning, and soul serenity.


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