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A Simple Tech Solution for Small Businesses

Looking for a customized app for your small business...

...that won't cost an arm and a leg?!


Tired of trying to DIY your tech systems?

We get it, without the right support - tech can be overwhelming and confusing!

If you're like most business owners, you're trying to keep costs low. So you watch every YouTube video trying to piece together your systems to make your life easier, only to feel like you've wasted hours of time and feel more frustrated than ever!

You LOVE the idea of a custom app for your business, but the thought of paying an overpriced app developer or figuring it out yourself just is not going work for you.

Easy to build, easy to manage, easy to update.

Our step-by-step education and training is led by experienced app developers who understand where you are coming from.

We know how to guide you through every step of the app creation process because we meet you where you are.

With MAIA you'll never have to stress about creating, managing, or updating your app!

Discover a new kind of freedom.

If you feel like you're digitally illiterate - I hear you. As a 90s newbie to the internet, I never thought building a customized HelperApp would be this easy to learn - but I discovered some brand-spanking new technology! 

My proven record of success in the highest levels of government strategic planning, systems engineering, budgeting, test & evaluation, and risk management demonstrates the amount of research & development I've founded MAIA on.

Most importantly, I've developed and provided training and testing for thousands of people, taking them from deer-in-the-headlight newbies to proud, beaming skilled specialists... all through the power of online education & training. 

We're here to Help!

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